UNITS Portable Storage makes Spring cleaning and home projects easy!

It’s that time of year again in Sacramento, the days get longer, and it becomes easier to do something about the carpet stains, dust and clutter during the last few months. Finally, we can throw open all of the windows and let fresh air in without freezing.

Now, get ready to revitalize your home with a good spring cleaning or home improvement.  Whether you conduct a full-house cleaning or remodel, you may want to consider renting an on-site portable storage unit to get things out of the way.

UNITS Moving and Portable Storage rent clean, water tight containers that are great for storing your items for short or long term while you clean, de-clutter or have construction done. Keep the storage unit as long as you want, UNITS has no time restrictions or contracts. You can rent the storage pod for a weekend, week or a year!

Don’t want to keep the storage UNIT at your place? UNITS has a clean, secure warehouse that is centrally located here is Sacramento with free access twice monthly. Need labor support? We can help assist you with that too!

Call your local UNITS franchise today @ 916.929.4435 or visit us at Units Sacramento.

MOVE, STAGE, STORE and MORE with UNITS Moving & Portable Storage!

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