Stage House with Storage Containers

Staging a House? Let Storage Containers Make It Easier!

There are as many reasons for using portable storage container units as there are reasons why people need to move items from one place to another. Container storage is fast becoming the chosen option for people with an area to place storage pods, and this has become increasingly popular for use in staging properties for the real estate market.

Stage House with Storage Containers

Stage House with Storage Containers

Make Quick Room for Open House Presentations

In a tough real estate market, some agents have had to look for storage ideas when attempting to sell a house that has existing furniture in it. This would be simpler if the homeowners had another location to take their furnishings, but that is not always the case.

Real estate professionals understand the need for making the best presentation possible when showing a home. Many home shoppers originally desire to buy new homes, so that is already one obstacle to overcome when showing a previously owned property. The way to compensate for a home that is not new is to add flair, imagination, and props that improve its appearance to potential buyers.

Putting older furniture into an portable storage container is step one in a home makeover. Cheap storage of the homeowner’s interior items frees the realtor or designer to be creative and utilize the space to its maximum benefit. Believe it or not, a home can sell faster and often for more money when it is staged properly.

Not only does new, more modern furniture make interiors look great, but careful choices on the sizes of the pieces used makes rooms look larger and more functional. One furnishing idea can be carried throughout the home to create a certain style that flows from one room or area to another.

Home shoppers know that the furnishings do not come with the house, but a facelift of new furniture adds so much appeal to the home. Subconsciously, a buyer sees a more attractive home because of new furnishings. The agent knows that to rent a storage units cost very little when they decrease the time on the market for a home, and the homeowner wanting to sell ASAP prefers to pay a little to get the property sold faster.

Storage Containers are the Ticket for Home Staging Solutions

The furniture in the storage container can sit for as long as is necessary for showing the home or for the owner to find a new place to live. Even if the house does not sell, the self storage unit can be located nearby so it is not a difficult moving experience to put the contents back where they came from.

If you are considering the sale of your home, think about home staging and using rent a storage to help make your property sell faster.

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