Portable Moving Containers

Portable moving containers are your best solution for moving and storage in today’s modern world. You no longer have to pay high prices for a professional moving company to organize, pack and load your stuff in an air ride moving van. Now you can save time and money by organizing, packing and loading your belongings at your leisure and then let the moving container company drive the portable unit off your property and deliver it to your new home across town or all the way across the United States of America. It is no wonder that today we see less of the Bekins and Mayflower moving vans on the highways and see more of the PackRat, UNITS and Mobile Mini portable moving containers on the highway.

The last time I moved these moving containers were not available in my town so I rented a uhaul truck, talked my friends into helping for pizza, we loaded the truck at home, then as tired as I was i still had to drive to the storage shed and unload the truck so i could return the truck the same day i rented it to save rental charges … I can assure you this was very tired. Moving containers can be rented by the week or month saving you all kinds of stress. And as we all know we must avoid stress in our lives if we are going to live a long and happy life.

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