Moving and Storage Options

What You Need To Know About Moving and Storage

When we talk about the moving and storage industry we often think about huge containers or container trucks transporting your goods from one place to the other, but did you know that in the moving and storage industry there are actually various options and methods of storage? While many moving companies offer private, non client accessible storage for household goods waiting to be transported, other companies allow access to your stuff.

Types of Storage Facilities available at Moving and Storage companies

Let’s look at each kind of storage category to find out more about this particular line of business.

  1. Portable or Mobile Storage – These are storage containers that are moved on the back of trucks and trailers. The units can be removed from the truck for ease in handling and maintenance. This sort of storage is highly convenient for frequent movers all you need to do is call a rental company have them deliver the portable storage container and start packing. There’s no rush because right after you’re done the moving company will load the container on the back of their truck and deliver it to your destination. You get rid of the hassle of having to do everything in one day. You can load your moving container today and have it moved tomorrow. Quick, inexpensive and simple.
  2. Shipping Storage – These containers were made for durability. They would be able to withstand long shipments, rough handling and different weather conditions. There are various types of shipping containers, and they’re categorized based on the material used to make them; be it from corrugated fiberboard to steel boxes or to plain wooden boxes. They vary in length as well. You also have the option of padding the insides of the container to keep your belongings safe while in transit.
  3. Self Storage – This is a more stationary sort of setting. Self storages are in forms of warehouses or spaces that can be rented by tenants for a certain period. These are usually rented by businesses or frequent travelers. Another term for this kind of storage is mini-storage. The downside of self-storage facilities is you are required to load and unload twice for every direction you move your stuff. Twice to move in and twice to move out, so self storage units take twice as much of your time as portable storage containers do.
Mobile Moving Container

Mobile Moving Container


There are more options to choose from when you actually try to look into it. Companies in the moving and storage industry cater the best services to each and every customer to attain the loyalty of the public. Revolutionizing the said industry in various methods and practices, they’re surely making it up in the economy.

Plan your move

Planning to move? The next time you think of movingl by yourself and taking multiple trips just to transport your belongings. Think again; check your local movers and ask about their portable moving and storage options. Choose what suits you best. Minimize your expenses and maximize your efficiency. The moving and storage industry offers many options to ease the pain and provide gain to your move.

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