Mobile Storage is Easy, Convenient and Hassle Free

Mobile Storage: Easy, Convenient, Hassle-Free

Moving ranks in the top five of life’s most stressful events, so the more you can do to eliminate the hassles upfront, the better and more relaxing your experience will be. That’s where portable storage container units come into play, specifically at UNITS Mobile Storage of Atlanta. For a flat monthly rate, plus delivery, you can get a UNITS portable storage container delivered to your home or business to load at your leisure.

UNITS Mobile Storage of Atlanta

UNITS Mobile Storage of Atlanta

You don’t have to worry about coordinating schedules with movers or rushing to load in a certain time frame or during inclement weather, nor do you have to rent an unwieldy truck or make numerous trips to a stuffy storage space. And, with UNITS you get transparent pricing in advance; not a host of hidden costs or fuel and mileage surcharges you might get with a moving company or a rental truck.

Mobile Storage is Convenient

There is no need for endless trips from your home to the street either. A key benefit in using UNITS Mobile Storage is the convenient delivery right to your door, even up steep or winding driveways. The roll-up door runs the width of the opening, providing broad access, especially for larger items. And, of course, there is no ramp to negotiate since access is at ground level. You can also rest assured about the safety and security of your UNITS storage container since you will possess the only key to the padlock.

If you don’t need your storage container delivered to a new address right away, you can choose to store it in our secure UNITS temperature-controlled (heat & A/C) warehouse until you are ready to have it delivered. You don’t even have to be home for redelivery, which saves you from having to take time off from work. Once you receive the storage unit at your new home or business, you can take as long as you like to unload your belongings; once again, operate at your own leisure. After all, it’s the same price for one day as it is for 30 days.

For more information or to book a UNIT, call 678-838-6556 or visit Atlanta Mobile Storage. And, if you call before November 30, 2009, ask for our “Cool Savings” offer and you will receive either 15% off your second month’s rent (plus a free disc padlock), OR free initial delivery (within 30 miles of UNITS warehouse) for UNITS rentals of three or more months.

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