Economy Slows Moving

Ever since 2008 the world economy has slumped due to the outright fraud of the investment banks and central bankers the world over. At a recent moving and storage conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, representatives of the major household moving companies like Bekins and Mayflower stated that their business was down over 17% over the previous year and they attributed this to the poor state of the economy. These are the big boys who do hundreds of millions a year in business. But what about the small container movers like pods, pack rats, units, mobile mini and self storage centers all across america? these portable moving systems companies are all experiencing a downturn in their business and are fighting for dominance of the few remaining customers.

When times are tough, the tough get mad and spend money on advertising. Today that advertising model is primarily SEO internet tricks and techniques. Updating web sites daily, getting back links from major web sites who promote products, and building web sites that provide links. This is getting to be a huge market for the moving and storage industry and employes of hundreds of social media, sep, copywriting, and link building experts.

While the internet is still free and active, today’s marketing dollar is being spent on SEO and pay per click. yellow pages are practically dead but other products like merchant circle and yelp are filling in with listings, testimonials and links.

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