Moving Across Country

When Moving Across Country in a downturned economy

In america today with so many homes underwater and jobs unavailable in major cities and urban areas, moving from one home to another, from Across Country, is no longer as common as it was just five years ago. Today’s moving companies have to be creative to attract customers to expensive moving services when the average man is not only broke but in debt. Just because the working man has no ready cash does not mean that he does not need to or want to move out of his miserable predicament into a better life. The moving and storage industry needs to take a new look at social trends to tap into this market of impoverished workers.

Across Country by Truck, Container, or car

When moving the downtrodden from one home to a new place cost is the most important consideration when there is limited funds to pay for moving services. Often the cost difference between the various options in moving can be significant, but for the poor man with limited means the lowest cost is the only option. For moving companies competing for the cheapest moving rates, the cost comparison is to the personal car or pickup truck move. If the Across Country home mover can be convinced that a great savings can be achieved thru the use of a company moving truck or container, then a huge market of customers will open its doors.

I suggest pointing out to your customer the costs involved when using ones own car and a friends truck and all the free labor you can get your buddies to volunteer. Remember nobody works for free and people get hungry and thirsty while moving your stuff from

Across Country across town.

That means you have to fill their vehicle gas tanks even if they do not use all that combustible for your move. You have to buy pizza a beer not to mention the down time while you all sit around and talk about the economy, football and girls. It is an easy matter to show that using your friends for a cheap move is actually quite expensive!


The moving industry specializing in container moving has an opportunity to gain market share by showing they are the most cost effective way to move Across Country both across town and across the nation. When faced with low funding on the customer side, movers should realize sources of funding other then the customer. Provide longterm loans, make associations with banking industries to provide moving loans and lower costs where possible to close deals. Often making a few bucks and helping out a down trodden neighbor brings more wealth then just money to your next Across Country move.

Door to Door Service

UNITS Portable storage provides door to door service for your moving and storage needs. No longer are you required to load your car, drive to the self storage facility, unload your car and cart all your things inside the storage area. Now you simply fill the storage container with your possessions, and let UNITS Move you door to door, saving you twice the labor required to unload and load twice.

Here is a short video showing our storage units in service.